Operational Model

Operational Model

FMIA is a certified Investment Adviser (Registration No. INA100002149) under the SEBI (Investment Advisers ) Regulations 2013 and prescribed code of conduct and fully committed to function in a fiduciary manner, keeping client interest as its primary objective at all times. FMIA acts purely in an advisory capacity to the client. The firm at no point takes control or custody of any of the client’s assets. Client's assets will continue to be held under his own direct control or with the client's duly / legally appointed custodians, intermediaries or service providers.

FMIA will be receiving advisory fees solely from the client for providing its services, as per mutually agreed terms. The firm undertakes not to receive any compensation from any product provider with respect to the investments which may be subscribed to by the client on the advise of FMIA .

The standardized operational process of FMIA and scope of work is as mentioned below. This is subject to client’s requirements and can be customized accordingly.

1. INITIAL MEETING: FMIA Managing Partner will request a personal meeting with a two point agenda of
a) imparting a clear understanding of FMIA proposition and
b) assessment of client needs.

2. SUITABILITY & ENGAGEMENT: In case of finding the proposition suitable, the client can decide to appoint FMIA as the investment advisor, else reconsider at a more suitable time. In case of a positive response, FMIA will draw up and share an engagement letter which will contain the scope of work, terms and conditions and the fee structure. The acceptance will be on return of a duly signed copy to FMIA along with the signup fee payable.

3. REGULATORY DOCUMENTATION: FMIA will carry out KYC procedure and Risk Profiling assessment as per SEBI guidelines.

4. INFORMATION SHARING & DISCLOSURE: Details on existing investments, assets, cash flows, future fund requirements and any other information which would be relevant in order for FMIA to discharge its duties, will need to be shared with FMIA to full extent.

5. CONSOLIDATION: Based on information provided, FMIA will undertake to combine all investments held across holding entities, wealth managers, asset classes and products to compile a detailed consolidated view.

6. PRODUCT QUALITY & PORTFLIO RISK MANAGEMENT: FMIA will conduct a detailed assessment of each of the individual investments in terms of generic performance, peer set comparison and relevant benchmarks. Evaluation of the risk levels associated with each investment will also be carried out post which the overall observations and advice shall be shared with the client accordingly.

7. ASSET ALLOCATION & PERFORMANCE ANALYTICS: Detailed reports on existing allocation, actual exposure to various assets classes on the real underlying assets with the returns in absolute as well as annualized terms on the existing portfolio shall be generated.

8. PORTFOLIO RE-CONSTRUCTION: FMIA will advise and provide strategies on any asset Re-Allocation required, moving to Best of Breed products, identifying and filling Portfolio Gaps, rationalize the cost of managing the portfolio and bringing portfolio in line on overall basis for the money to work in a more efficient manner.

9. REGULAR TRACKING & PORTFOLIO MODIFICATIONS: FMIA will continuously track overall portfolio and apprise clients regularly on the performance, any changes required in terms of asset allocation, introduction of new investments.

10. FACILITATION: In case client requires management of and help in executing actions as advised by FMIA, the same can be facilitated on behalf of the client with the product or service providers accordingly.